WK360 Image Studios

where the love of inspirational product imagery meets 35 years of being passionate about colour.


At WK360 Image Studios we love to create desire for products by showing how they work, how they feel, how they look and how they will enhance your customers’ lives. Work with us to help your customers fall in love with your brand.


Room Set

Being at the cutting edge of trends can be the make or break of your products. At WK360 we create room sets for companies passionate about helping their customers turn their houses into stylish, comfortable homes.  


Product photography is the art of creating desire. From simple cut-out photography through to creative shots WK Image Studios will inspire with stylish photography and inform with shots that show the features and benefits. 


Food & Drink

The first bite is with the eye, so they say. At WK360 Image Studios mouth-watering food and drink photography is our aim, where you can almost taste the flavours, smell the aromas - images to stimulate the senses !

Fashion & Clothing

Fashion is about dressing according to what’s fashionable. Style is more about being yourself -  With WK360 you can be sure that your reflection of the fashions of the day will have your own style woven into every shot. 


Whatever you call it, spin set, 360 or product rotation photography is a specialist form of photography that will enhance and show your products in all their glory, recreating the way a shopper may interact with a product in-store using animations and rotations. 


Colour management for all products is important. If two products of the same colour appear differently online or in print, then customers begin to mistrust what they see and start to build barriers to purchase. 

Colour management and swatch matching is a vital part of ensuring these barriers are demolished during the purchasing journey. When the customer receives the product, accurate colour reproduction will reduce the amount of returns you receive due to the colour expectations.  WK360 has been swatch matching for over 30 years for homewares and fashion companies. 

Give your customers that element of trust in your products by trusting the experts at WK360 with your photography and colour management.  


Video sells ideas and sells products more effectively than anything else. At WK360 Image Studios we have been generating content to sell products for over thirty years and we apply the same principles to the moving image. 


We have three studios including two room set studios, a product photography area, 360° photography facilities and a product storage unit. The studios are very well equipped and able to cope with both large and small product. We have a comfortable area for our clients to work while on the shoot, with kitchen facilities, and of course our 25 seater design, artwork and retouching studios on site.