– A room is simply a canvas for the products within.
— J. Ide

Create a space to make your products shine.

When you're trying to kindle aspiration in the heart of the consumer, nothing works better than a dazzling roomset.

The flexibility we have here at our photography studios in Luton enable us to take on a wide range of sets from small cameos to large, fully finished bathrooms and kitchens. We have an internal team of designers, stylists, set builders, photographers and project managers to ensure your expectations are met and deadlines are kept to.

Our forward thinking approach is always taking us down new routes, and we are now exploring the combination of traditional product photography with computer generated imagery (CGI) to simplify the sometimes complex and expensive process of set building. This also gives us more choice, flexibility and the ability to make last minute changes to sets without complicated re-builds.


See the results of some of our room set photography & CGI...