WK360 Image Studios

We elevate your photography to the next level.

Due to increased demand from our retail, fashion and branded goods clients, WK360 Image Studios has expanded its photographic facilities to encompass three new studios and a large product storage area.  Our product photography team are fast, efficient and have a passion for finding the best way to sell a product from an image .  Each studio is available for hire with equipment and photographer or just the studio space so that you can bring your own team.

We have three studios including two room set studios, a product photography area, 360° photography facilities and a product storage unit. The studios are very well equipped and able to cope with both large and small product. We have a comfortable area for our clients to work while on the shoot, with kitchen facilities, and of course our 25 seater design, artwork and retouching studios on site.




Studio 1 is our product and fashion studio with changing rooms, full kitchen and client working facilities that also includes a swatch matching area where the colours of your products will benefit from WK360’s specialist retouchers and swatch matchers.

  • 22ft x 50ft - 1100 sqft
  • Open space for roomset work
  • 16.5ft ceiling height
  • Colourama product shoot area
  • WC and model changing facilities
  • Client area


Studio 2 is large enough to fit two good sized room sets for efficient cost effective shooting. It has large shutter access  from the outside and from studio 1 to create a  2200 sqft studio space and has separate access to WC /changing facilities.

  • 22ft x 50ft - 1100 sqft
  • Open space for roomset work
  • 16.5ft ceiling height
  • Large shutter access
  • WC and model changing facilities
  • Connects to Studio One for 2200 sqft




Studio 360 is a flexible space suitable for a good sized room set, 360 spins or product photography. There is a good sized prop/product storage area as well as a small office space that clients can use should some quiet  time be needed during  a shoot.

  • 22ft x 50ft - 1100 sqft
  • Prop storage
  • Small roomset area
  • 360° photography
  • Office area
  • Product storage area




Our original studio space, set within the heart of building A (across the road from the Image Studios)  is the perfect space for packshot product photography.  It has a kitchen and access to a separate quiet client area with viewing booth and WC.

  • 11ft x 36ft - 396 sqft
  • Colourama product shoot area
  • Kitchen area
  • Separate client area with WC and viewing booth
  • Direct access to the main creative retouching and swatch matching studio