– It’s hard to tell where reality stops and creativity begins.

Motion graphics, animations, cinemagraphs & SFX, bringing stills to life.

Adding motion graphics and animation to a video presentation can really bring the subject matter to life and engage with its intended audience.

Motion graphics use animation to transform the appearance of logos, titles, captions, charts and graphics. They can subtly make a point or introduce a person or a theme. Animated video production is as broad as the imagination, and by using different animation styles, presentation techniques and special effect treatments, you can really captivate an audience. The recent rise of the cinemagraph, where a detail is animated in a photograph (like the example in our banner) has brought a new dimension to web content and blurs the lines between photographs and video.

Our animators have been telling simple stories, enhancing presentations, and bringing a sense of cinema to the small (and big) screens using a variety of 2D, 3D, & CGI, either stand alone or alongside standard video, for many years.

For more examples of video, motion graphics, animations, cinemagraphs & SFX watch the showreel or use the links below...