Increasing engagement with large product 360’s

A client came to us with a question... "How can I emulate the in-store buying process through my web store?" and this got the photography team here at WK360 thinking outside the box!

Large furniture items pose a challenge in that most websites might show you one or two angles of a bed along with a lifestyle shot to inspire you. When you are in-store you want to walk around the bed and see close up what the quality looks like, how the drawers open and see how deep the drawers are on the inside... 

We worked with a high end bedroom furniture company to develop large product 360’s which allows the consumer to move the bed around on screen and really take a good detailed look at the bed from all angles.  We animated the drawers opening and closing to show the depth of the draws and how far they come out from the bed and we allowed full zoom giving incredible detail on the grain and quality of the wood. 

We began by running tests on their website with a few selected beds and the results were so good that they commissioned us to produce 360’s of all of their beds and we animate where animation is needed. 

Product colour is extremely important to our client and our in depth colour knowledge and experience was one of the main reasons they came to WK360 in the first place. Our innovation in product marketing is helping them drive sales growth through online and offline media and helps give them an edge over their competitors.  

Customer engagement is increased online, barriers to purchase are reduced which in turn encourages them to go to the next step in the purchasing journey.